16th Annual Brian Crawford Memorial – GATE-FEE
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To all Teams, Coaches, Parents and Spectators who will be attending any Shootout Baseball tournaments:

We will be going by CDC guidelines as well as the rules from USSSA. We want everyone to feel that they are safe while attending our tournaments and have having a great time!

1. We will be collecting team gate fees, via Paypal to avoid the exchange of money and standing in long lines to enter the ballpark and will need to be paid for before team is permitted to play.
The Coach or team representative will need to click on the link below to pay and also put in the “notes” on the Paypal page your team name and what date/location of tournament so you get credit for the right tournament.

(The gate fee will be $275 for 4 game guarantee, and $350 for 5 game guarantee
We will send out email to each Head Coach a week and half or so in advance reminding the cost of the gate fee for their particular tournament coming up)

2. All teams to clean dugout/benches and hard surface upon arrival and as they leave as well. They are to pick up their own trash, wipe down bench and leave it clean after their respective game. We will also have staff doing sanitizing and cleaning as well.

3. If you are feeling sick at all, or have any symptoms, whatsoever, you are prohibited from the ballpark and need to stay at home.

4. Parents are to supply their player with sanitizing wipes/hand sanitizer for disinfecting the equipment and especially if having to share bats/equipment. We encourage players to use their own helmets and glove. Before switching catchers, do you best to plan it between innings so you have time to wipe it all down properly and safely. Please have players use hand sanitizer between innings, etc.

5. Players are allowed to use PPE, if they choose, but not required, as long as it does not compromise safety of the player. Players are to use social distancing the best they can while in the dugout.

6.There will be no team huddles and Only one team coach per team at the home plate to do the toss, no players.

7. Awards will be handed out to the head coach to disperse to the his players at the end of the tournament, so no award ceremony

8. No sunflower seeds

9. There will be no team hand shakes, they can stand on the line by their dugout, and tip their hat, say good game etc.

10. No team water coolers or ice chests. Each player is to bring their own water bottle/sports drink. No team ice chests with cool rags to share.

11.Parent//Spectators will be encouraged to bring lawn chairs and practice social distancing, and stay 6 feet apart and keep your family/children together, and not let the children wonder around the park. If the bleachers are open at the facility, please sit every other bench and have your family stay 6 feet away from others.

12. Use social distancing upon entering the park, standing at concession, and all throughout the ballpark at all times.

13. Everyone in the ballpark is encouraged to wear masks and bring their own hand sanitizer, and wash their hands often.

Everyone please stay healthy and safe and Let’s Play Ball!

Rick and Jennifer Glasser
Shootout Baseball